Robotic Tubular Steel Building Construction — Pitch

It’s no secret that technology has the power to transform the world. Right now, in our day, we are in the middle of yet another technological revolution, and one of the major players in this revolution is the development of industrial robots. Many of the everyday products we use are already made by robots, they enhance our lives by producing the things we need. We are now proposing to extend that technology to tubular steel building construction. The main challenge to accomplish this is the need for really intelligent software to drive the robots. This is a business proposal to complete the development of the software and to create the industrial robots to construct these tubular steel buildings.

Nowadays, using current construction methods, ambitious building projects can become just too expensive and difficult to achieve, especially the kind of unusual and iconic buildings that give a city a high profile, such as the Eiffel Tower, or the Empire State Building. But using robots has some major advantages and there are many benefits to this technology. One major benefit is that it will create many new possibilities for constructing tubular steel buildings, partly because we can size and tailor the robots we use specifically for their purpose, and also because the use of robots removes most of the health and safety concerns that would otherwise make human construction very difficult or impossible. In these building projects we can make multiple robots work together quickly, continuously, and they are not restricted by weather, which means the building construction is highly organized, very quick, and relatively inexpensive. As part of the building process the robots can also both assemble and disassemble scaffolding, thereby radically extending the building design possibilities even further. These same building designs are easily repeatable anywhere in the world and will give cities huge, useful, and impressive structures that will enhance their global profile. Any city wanting to project itself onto the world stage with a high-profile, high-tech image, will definitely benefit from embracing this technology.

This pitch is an invitation to get involved in the new technology to develop robots to erect tubular steel buildings, and the software that drives them.

Imagine, for example, a huge tubular steel Canopy structure that is something like the base of the Eiffel tower, with four foundation corners, and from it rising a perfectly spherical shaped structure with arches that pass through it. It would be a very elegant and iconic building that could be a landmark and the pride of any developing city in the world. It could be used to span a river, maybe with shops and restaurants slung beneath it, or it could be used in a park as a huge, covered, outdoor sports area, or a venue for outdoor concerts or performances.

Imagine that this structure is manufactured and erected by special robots that are as big as your living room. They look like huge ants or termites building a nest, and the whole process of the robots erecting the building becomes a tourist attraction for the city. Effectively the tubular steel structure becomes a climbing frame for the robots. They are driven by car-size electric batteries, so they are free-ranging, and they climb over the structure by gripping the tubes with claws, and moving over the structure just as a climber would. These robots carry the tubes to keep building the structure, and they carry their own welding rigs to weld each piece of tube in place.

The key part of this technology is the software to virtually design the robots, and then to generate a build solution for any building so it can drive the robots to actually construct it. Once this software is completed and working virtually, then the robotic hardware can be developed and can be put to work to construct these buildings.

We have already developed the software to design the buildings and manufacture the tubes. It has also advanced to the point where it can design and drive the robots to carry, position and weld the tubes in place. It now needs to be developed further so the robots can climb and manoeuvre in all the ways necessary to navigate the structure, and to generate a build solution for any building, including the first proposed building project which is the Canopy design. The final build solution defines every minute movement of the robots, coordinated together to construct the building.

Currently the project stands at the point of proof-of-concept, which we can visually demonstrate on a computer or through videos. We now need to take the final steps towards generating the first complete build solution. Then we can create the robotic hardware, and finally we can progress to the actual building construction.

Once a building is complete the robots can continue to climb and navigate the structure, which could become an ongoing tourist attraction for the city. The robots may be able to perform choreographed dance or marching movements over the structure, perhaps raising the national flag each day, and maybe even offering rides to the public. All of this is possible if we develop this technology. With this technology we can achieve far more than would otherwise be possible without the robots, and the buildings can have huge scale because we can create robots of whatever size and configuration necessary to perform the task.

To visit the huge and iconic buildings in our cities is a source of wonder and enjoyment for many people. Technology is changing our world, and that trend will undoubtedly continue. Robotic technology is now ready to be developed and applied to the building construction industry to further enhance our environment. The benefit of this is that it will make new and iconic buildings possible, and they will also allow us to build them at significantly lower cost. The benefit to a city that has these buildings is that it will greatly enhance their high-tech image, and give them some great new tourist attractions, as well as some very useful and attractive structures. Let’s be the first to embrace this new technology, to see this dream realized, and to give our cities ambitious and attractive buildings that will significantly raise their global profile.

Please don’t miss the opportunity to invest and be part of this project. Welcome to the future of building construction, let the adventure begin!


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