About Revcad Ltd

Revcad Ltd are the developers and proprietors of specialist CAD software for the global sheet metal and tubular steel construction industry. The company was established in 1988, based in England UK, with the first version of our flagship software Sheet Lightning released in 1990 for the design of sheet metal products such as chutes, feeders, ducting, flue, chimneys. hoppers, and a host of other products, including many niche application such as inflatable design, lampshade design, and the creation of art. This software continues to sell globally and has become the key technology for many businesses around the world. These businesses range from the small sheet metal shops to large industrial companies.

Since the release of the first product Revcad added a second software release called Mesh Unfolder that is used for flattening general 3D surfaces into 2D patterns to the best result by equalizing stresses. This software widely broadens the products that are developed with our software.

In 2008 Revcad began working with both hardware and associated software development for specialized electronic products.

Revcad have also engaged in many other contract developments for various engineering industrial sectors, including design and analysis software for the automotive industry, writing software for the virtual design and analysis of complex mechanism such as engines and gearboxes. We have also pushed our products into the construction industry, particularly for tubular steel construction, and we are now involved in using our extensive knowledge base, experience and expertise to develop new software and hardware technologies for robotic building construction as outlined in this proposal.

The main shareholder of Revcad Ltd is Trevor Maddison who is also a director of the company.

For more information on Revcad Ltd and our products see the web pages for Revcad Ltd.

Revcad Ltd.
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