Step by Step Examples

This page is under ongoing development as a recently added aid to learning how to design with Sheet Lightning. It demonstrates requested procedures for creating designs in Sheet Lightning and using the program to its maximum potential.

Each design has an associated ZIP file holding a sequentially named set of design files (i.e. with .GRD extension). Using the design procedure description together with the sequential design files you should be able to understand the procedure for creating the design. Each design file must be loaded into Sheet Lightning as the description refers to it in order to see the design develop. The design files are named with the design name followed by its sequence number (e.g. TEE1.GRD, TEE2.GRD, TEE3.GRD etc).

So far the set of examples design procdedures is limited to two designs, however these are sufficient to get a real grip on the design methods of the program:

  1. How to Create an Equal Tee Between Two Cylinders
  2. How to Create a Cone with Skew (Oblique offset)
If you have specific requests for additions to this page please mail them to Trevor Maddison on: We will do our best to accomodate your requirements. Please be aware that there is a current drive to update the software and it is therefore preferable in many cases for us to publish procedures for the new program.

If you have specific requirements for the new version of the program, or simply wish to be kept informed please contact us on the above email address.